Thursday, February 7, 2008

Drivers Ed

It has been snowing here. So bad that the snow plows have not been able to keep up. I was driving to a job this afternoon and I was getting off the freeway onto the off ramp when......I found myself in a ditch. There was a wreck and everyone was trying to avoid hitting it and I tried to avoid the cars swerving out of control trying to avoid the wreck. So the ditch was my best bet.
I had to call Brent and tell him, "Guess what your wife did this time." He was so sweet and since I have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, he tried to talk me through how to get out. I ended up creating a huge mess with snow and a lot of mud and got a lot of looks and laughs from the cars driving by. I tried to take a picture of my tracks but after having to call, Brent, 911, the person at the job I was going to, and the tow truck, my battery was very low.
So after much embarrassment and humiliation, the police had a special tow truck pull me out and it cost me $125. Something we soooo don't have at this time. I drove 30 mph home the whole way even though the speed limit was 50 and I haven't left since. I need chocolate.


Anonymous Chastity said...

Thanks for writing this.

November 11, 2008 at 8:51 AM  

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