Sunday, July 6, 2008


So Grace and I went to Utah a few weeks ago but when I downloaded the pictures from my camera, only one came up. (See Grace as Shirley Temple Post. Picture was taken in my mother-in-law's kitchen.)
We went to see Brent's mom who hadn't seen her first grandchild. And of course she was everything a grandma should be when it came to the spoiling the grandchild! We barely had to bring or borrow anything because, Dee, Brent's mom had bought everything! I think she was ready for grandchildren. Even Maddie and Daisy loved her and couldn't get enough "kisses" in. Even dog kisses are welcomed.
We went to see Brent's great-aunt Marge, who is my favorite. She is the sweetest person in the whole world and she only wears skirts and nice blouses. You'll never see her in pants! She is a true lady and she always makes you feel good about yourself. We took a picture of her and Grace but... stupid memory card!
Grace and I also got to see my friends Melissa and Kristin and their kids. They are all getting so big (the kids) and it always makes me so sad that I don't live close to them. We always have so much fun and we can always pick up where we left off.


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