Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ready to Swim!

So cute!

Beth and Nicholas come to visit!

My sister, Beth, and my nephew, Nicholas, came to visit! They just yesterday and I am having the hardest time without them. Nicholas was sooo adorable and kept say, "Awww! Baby Grace is so cute!" or "I want to give Baby Grace a kiss." He was so sweet with her and I loved having my sister here because my laundry and dishes were magically done! She was such a help.

We were able to go to the Detroit zoo and watched a Gorilla eat his own poo! (It was so incredibly gross considering he knew we were there.) We did A LOT of shopping because Beth does not get the normal stores in Key West. I've never seen someone so excited to go to Target or Walmart. Beth also rearranged my living room for me. It looks like it came out of a magazine! I am so glad she minored in Interior Design.

In the last picture of Nicholas, he is making this face that he kept making for me the whole week. We made it a game to see who could smile first. He kept winning. He's just too funny.

I am just hoping that we can see them in Texas in June!