Friday, January 2, 2009

To Our Duke

I have always wanted to do a post dedicated to our dog, Duke. Especially since Grace was born I have felt he has been somewhat neglected. And after yesterday, he deserves it even more. We had to put our sweet puppy to rest after he developed kidney failure.
Duke has been the best dog. He was loyal and devoted and the most well-traveled puppy I have ever met. We even took him on our anniversary trip to Canada a couple years ago. He has been to Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, Pikes Place Market and traveled by plane about 6 times.
He was great "heater" in the winter and would sleep under the covers by our feet. He would check on Grace for us and if she was crying, he would come and get us. He has been our comforter and baby for years while we battled infertility. And he has been our protector in many situations.
We brought him to my Grandparent's home to bury him, and my whole family came out to dig his grave and grieve with us. He did not just make an impact on Brent and me, but to everyone who met him.
We will miss him and he will always be more than "just a dog" to us. He will always be our Duke, our first baby.

We love you, Dukie-Duke!!!!!