Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photo Shoot

So there is this awesome organization called Celebrating Adoption. It's photographers who deceided to give families who are adopting a child a free photo session plus free proofs. Since I was Utah, I decided to look at the list for Utah photographers. I found one YESTERDAY! and called her and asked if she could do some pictures of Grace for us. She fit us in today and even did some of me and Grace.
I am very picky about my photographs, especially when you have Carrie Stroud of Carrie Stroud Photgraphy as one of your friends. (You can check out her blog from mine and I promise you will be floured!)
This photographer seemed to be Mrs. Stroud-worthy. I loved her website and she also has a blog. We will not get our photos developed for another 2-3 weeks but she promised a "teaser" on her blog before we get all of them. Her blog is http://photographybyshay.com/blog and I encourage anoyone who is in Utah or who will be visiting to use her! She is awsome! Grace loved her and I felt like I made a friend for the day.
I will post the pictures when we get them!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!