Saturday, May 24, 2008

Good Day

So yesterday was such a fun day! We started out by going to our adoption playgroup, which is always so much fun because I get to see all of these fabulous moms and children that are so adorable. And it feel like a support group more then a playgroup.
Then some of the moms knew of this great farmers market that was really cheap and has really great produce. I got out of there w/ 6 bags, including flowers, for under 25 dollars! I was able to buy stuff to make a fruit salad for a dinner with some friends from our ward.
Then... we went to a movie! And Grace loved it! She kept squirming until I finnaly realized she wanted to see the screen and she watched the whole movie! It was great! I just loved that we got to spend time as a family.

Brent also took his first part of his board exams yesterday and he said it was very hard. I am sure he did well. He studied so hard for them. And, not to mention, he's REALLY smart. He takes the second part in two weeks!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great News!!!!!

I talked to our adoption agency today and we have court date!!!! June 5!!!! After that we can travel and see family and we'll know she's ours!!!!

P.S. Grace story: she is starting to laugh. So cute!!!!!