Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally and Finalized!!!!

I know it's been awhile but with moving, strep, finalizing Grace's adoption and burying our dog, we've been a little busy. But the great news is that....Grace is all ours!!!! We had to go back to Detroit to finalize with the court so we got to see our friends, Kia and Christina and the boys.

Grace was precious, of course and was so good through the whole hearing. The Judge called it their "Smile Day" because they only get to do adoption hearings once month. We took pictures with the Judge afterwards and Grace loved his gavel. We think she's going to be the next Ruth Bater Ginsberg. And one of the best things was that Christina got to come with us so it felt like we had family there.

Some new things Grace is doing......SHE'S WALKING!!! 9 1/2 months can you believe it? She can also wave, clap and I taught her how to blow a kiss yesterday. She's keeps mimicking what we say so she has said things like, "Good Girl", "Duh", and she'll growl for you too. So cute!!