Saturday, May 10, 2008

Revised flipping out

So I am feeling sooo much better now. I once heard that a blog is like a journal and you can put your thoughts, feelings, and pictures down. I totally feel like that about my blog. There is something therapeutic about just typing out your feeling and sending it to the world.
And when I go on this much needed vacation.... Grace is coming with me! I can't think of not having her with me with everything I do everyday. I just want a vacation from all of the drama that Brent and I are going through with our house and adoption. I'm not going to get postpartum depression but the the whole adoption process is very emotional. You are waiting constantly to see if this little person, who you have totally fallen in love with, is going to be your forever. It's so hard to just sit back and wait.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flipping out

I know that my close friends and family have been waiting for my nervous break down any day. I totally feel it coming on. So here it is....

Not only are Grace's brithmother's rights not terminated yet, giving the birthmother a chance to change her mind and making it difficult to travel so that family members can see her and , but our rental house is being foreclosed on. The court is auctioning our house at the end of the month.
We have also had a problem with our sub-pump in the basement and it is causing our water bill to increase to $1500! For those of you who know about sub-pumps, yes, they normally do not use water but run on electricity. But the owners of this house, being the idiots that they are, put in a back-up sub-pump that does, as the regular sub-pump and it has been malfunctioning since December and our bill keeps going up and since they are foreclosing they refuse to do anything about it.
We are requesting to get out of our lease and we might have to go to court over this. I am thankful that we have a property management company that we have to deal with and they are trying everything they can not to have us go to court. Meaning... they are trying to let the owners know that they just need to let us out of the lease.
Grace wasn't falling asleep tonight and I finally told Brent, "Your turn." This is something I never do because of his job but I had to send an email to the Property Management company regarding this whole hoopla. Then he gave me crap about taking her and was wondering why I didn't send the email sooner! Well, let's see, I didn't find out about having to send an email until 4:30 p.m. today and then we got home at almost 7:00 and then I had to make dinner, clean-up, change Grace, feed Grace, wash out bottles so she can have some in the middle of the night, try to clip her nails so she'll stop scratching her face and try to get her to sleep. It's 12:35 a.m. and I just got done with it!
Yes, I am flipping out and I don't even feel like I have a chance to breathe! Maybe I need a vacation. Or just a massage. A massage would be nice. I need to go to my happy place now.