Monday, August 25, 2008

More FSA Pictures

I love Nathan. Even with his messy face!!!

Another Grace picture!


I just LOVE Cooper and I am so happy I got him smiling.

This is Grace and her friend, Sophie. They are always so excited to see each other!

FSA Playgroup and Brithday parties!!

Zach and Jordan
Maddie, Rachel , Megan

And of course, My sweet Grace

On Friday Grace and I went to our monthly adoption playgroup. I love going each month and seeing all of the moms and kids. It's sometimes more of a support group for the moms then a playgroup for the kids!
This month it was at our friend, Hallie's, park by her house. It was awesome because not only was it a park and right by the lake, but it was also a splash park. The kids loved it and I was so tempted to go in with them. I remembered to bring my camera this time and got some great shots of the kids.
Then Grace and I went to my friend, Christina's birthday luncheon at another friend's house. We saw her drive up and were all waiting by the front door for her. We all turned around and Christina had walked in the back door and we all just looked at her and said, "Oh! Uh..HAPPY BIRTHDAY! SURPRISE!" She loved it anyways and was actually surprised.
Grace got to play with her friend, Sophie, who is 3 months older and about 1 1/2 pounds lighter then her. We had a great day seeing friends and getting out of the house!!!