Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I love Grace

Every day since we have been blessed with Grace, I find a new reason to love her. She has done some very funny, smart and loving things and she can always surprise me. So here are some reasons I just love Grace. (Note: these are just some, not all. I don't have all century)

1. I love the way she looks at Brent when he walks through the door. Her whole face just lights up because Daddy is home.

2. I love that every time we go to the grocery store, we end up giggling through at least 5 straight aisles.

3. Regarding #2, I LOVE her laugh. She has the best laugh. I also love that I can make her laugh more then anyone else. It's a privilege that moms get.

4. She a great eater. She has never been fussy about anything we have given her. Not to mention bottles or pacifiers. She takes them all.

5. She's super friendly. She is always smiling at someone and everyone where ever we go.

6. She doesn't like to wait to be able to do things. Meaning... she wants to sit up now. She wants to eat that now. She wants to talk now.

7. She loves to touch your face. It's a very affectionate thing. She reaches out and places her hands on you cheek, nose, mouth, etc. and then kisses or slobbers you. It's so sweet.

8. She's my best friend. We do everything together and I love taking her anywhere with me. I feel like we have private jokes and I spend most of the days laughing or smiling. She become my favorite shopping partner!!

9. She is the best baby!!!! She hardly cries, laughs a lot, and just goes with the flow. We have been able to take her anywhere that most people can't take infants because she is so good.

10. She's my daughter and I get to have her forever.