Sunday, March 22, 2009

She's Stuck With Us!!!

We are in Salt Lake right now because last Thursday we had Grace sealed to us! We wanted to have the sealing done in the Salt Lake Temple because that was where we were married.
She looked so sweet in her white dress that my mom made her and the temple gave her a little flower to put in her hair. She liked the nursey more than anything and really didn't notice when we left.
My mom and dad and Corbin drove all the way from Austin and they were such a help! Brent's family was so great and most of them were able to the sealing. Then we all went to our favorite resturant, Asian Star and had their Walnut Shrimp!!!! SO GOOD!!!
Grace has loved being at Grandma Dee's and loves to chase after the dogs and she went for a ride with Grandma on her scooter today. We also got our pictures done by one of my favorite photographers, Shay (her website is in my favorites) and I can't wait to see them!
It has been a really great trip.