Saturday, June 13, 2009


We found this wonderful restored pink antique tricycle and Grace loved riding it. It was $100 so we thought we would let her ride around the store for free.


So last weekend our little family went to Austin for our nephew's, Jackson, blessing. We stayed at my Grandparents and had a ball! Grace and I stayed until Wednesday while Brent had to go back Sunday. We missed him and I know he wished he could stay with us. Too bad the job got in the way.
We went shopping, out to lunch, watched old movies and my sister, Reeta, have a lot of fun doing Grace's hair. So cute!
My awesome grandparents took us all out to dinner and let me pick. So of course I picked my favorite restaurant County Line!!! I love the beef ribs!! The only thing I would change is for them to hand out bibs.