Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We went to our church's Pancake breakfast in the morning and of course I had to dress Grace iun a cute outfit! Then Kia and Christina and their boys came over for lunch. I turned on the sprinkler for Nicholas and Sam and they had a ball. Kia ended up getting his shorts on and running around the backyard with them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Brent and I are so excited because we are moving this week. As you know, the house we are renting right now is in foreclosure. It will be auctioned on Friday and we will be out by Friday night. We have not exactly loved living here after the mean landlords, the nosy neighbors and the huge rent payment we seem to always be struggling to pay every month plus taking care of a pool!
We are downsizing by a bedroom, garages, and 2 extra living rooms, but...... WHO CARES! It's only for another 6 months and the apartment is oh so cute! And we are on the first floor with our apartment looking out to the parking lot which is great for moving purposes. We can just open our sliding glass door and move stuff in! And the clubhouse, OH the clubhouse! Great workout room, gorgeous pool and hot tub and a sauna. Plus Brent is only 5 minutes away from his main hospital and we are walking distance from the beach! (Yes, Michigan has a beach.) The town is a beach town on the coast of Lake Saint Claire. There are canals in people's backyards and boats everywhere. Plus Grace's room has a little window bench! So cute!!!!!
The only thing I am bummed about is that I wanted to start a garden this summer and grow tomatoes to jar so I could make my own spaghetti sauce and grow a ton of basil so I could make my pesto. I can still do some basil at our new place.
This has been such a blessing and even though I have a week of packing ahead of me.... I could care less. If you want to see our new apartment go to Just pick an option how you heard about them and after you hit "submit" you can go to the main page and got to "photos" at the top.