Friday, March 28, 2008

Cute Husband

So tonight we watched Nicholas and Sam. If you don't know who these boys are by now, you haven't been reading my blog. I was making dinner and they were running around my house screaming chasing each other, surprise, they are children. Brent walked in the door looking very tired from a long week at work.
In five minutes he was chasing them around the house and would catch them and tickle them. They loved it! This is kind of new because Brent is always so tired when he comes home from work and sometimes when children are involved he hides upstairs.
As I was preparing dinner, I watched Brent's face light up when he'd say, "I'm going to get you! You better run!", and then proceed to run around in circles with Duke following behind him.
It brought tears to my eyes knowing that my husband will make the best dad in the world. Whether he's tired or not, the kids will come first. He loves Nicholas and Sam and loves it when he comes home to more then just me and Duke.
We had dinner and he acted just like a dad telling them to finish their meal or we couldn't watch a movie. He helped me clean up the dishes and wiped the table and then cuddled with the boys on the couch while we watched Bee Movie. Even though they aren't our children to have, we felt like for one moment what it would be like to be a family.
I am so excited to see my cute husband be a father.

Monday, March 24, 2008

More Easter pictures

P.S. Duke had the best time too. He couldn't believe that all the kids wanted to go outside with him!


So we had the best Easter! Friday we went to our friend's, Shauna's house for the egg dying. Then on Saturday everyone came over to our house for the egg hunt and dinner. I sent the kids upstairs to watch "Enchanted" on my bed while the dads were downstairs hiding eggs.
The hunt was so much fun and the kids loved it!!!!!!!!!! I made a ham and my great aunt's noodles (which are always a huge hit.) My friend, Shauna, made the best rolls and church or funeral potatoes!!! And my friend, Christina, made the BEST lemon cupcakes. I'm not a huge fan of lemon but these were fabulous!!!! And they looked like something Martha Stewart would make. They were so pretty that I took a picture of them and a picture of Shauna eating one. She looked like she was enjoying them too much.
Everyone had so much fun that the last guest didn't leave until 10:00 p.m. and they came over at 4:00 p.m. I just love that!!! Fun at Wood's!!! Happy Easter!!